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Day before New Year’s Eve

2014 Posted on Tue, December 30, 2014 23:56:58

Today I went for a short walk in the snow. Later, Santa came with the Sherlock Holmes DVD.

Walk and Christmas gifts

2014 Posted on Fri, December 26, 2014 14:24:07

Today I went for a 3 km walk in the sunshine and minus 6 C weather.
Later I also took a photo of my Christmas gifts.

From my parents I was given: Touchscreen gloves. Weeping Willows CD The Time Has Come. Cat fabric dress by Cissi och Selma. Tiger sponsorship from WWF. Money. Two cat shaped and one puppy shaped Christmas ornaments. Sherlock Holmes – The Complete Collection DVD box will arrive later. Books: A Gift from Bob by James Bowen. More Fool Me by Stephen Fry. Life on the Edge by Jim Al-Khalili and Johnjoe McFadden. The Incredible Unlikeliness of Being by Alice Roberts. Subscriptions to magazines: Forskning & Framsteg, Modern Psykologi, Språktidningen and Modern Filosofi.
From my brother and his family I was given: Organic soap. Sylvanian Families mother dog. Omegavisp (whisk). Back rake. Money in my name for Doctors Without Borders. Pyjamas with cat featured fabric.
From my sister-in-law’s parents I was given: Hair brush. Lilac nail polish. Gift package with tea, honey and candy sugar.

The blackbird

2014 Posted on Tue, December 23, 2014 11:35:52

The blackbird is back!

Sunshine and frost

2014 Posted on Sun, December 21, 2014 20:15:00

Today I went out for a photo walk at 12:20.
At 15 I went to my parents to have advent fika.

Christmas gifts in the mail

2014 Posted on Thu, December 18, 2014 20:01:13

I was sent two Christmas gifts in the mail today.
First, cute hand painted salt and pepper cats from a friend in Denmark.
Then, a napkin stand with cats from friends in Falkenberg.

Snow, dinner and gifts

2014 Posted on Wed, December 17, 2014 21:10:07

Today it snowed. I hope it stays until Christmas.
This afternoon I made dinner, with Quorn, onion, saffron, paprika, mushrooms, broccoli and Crème fraîche.
This evening I visited a friend and we exchanged Christmas gifts. I was given sea salt and mustard.

Different sunrise

2014 Posted on Tue, December 16, 2014 17:57:35

Today’s sunrise with two different settings.

Visit the animals

2014 Posted on Sun, December 14, 2014 19:49:25

I went to the mini zoo this afternoon. It’s very ice on the ground.

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