How can the hate stop

I love guinea pigs. I follow and support Masons’ Cavies ( on Facebook. But some other guinea pig owners, and a sanctuary in the UK, behave in a very bad way. They make things up, they lie and spread hate towards/about Masons’ Cavies. How can the haters be stopped! If Sophie and Mark give love and share love, how come they get such evil hate from some people! You would not believe some things they have been sent! I just wish that the haters would stop spreading their hate, and put their energy on building up their own lives and businesses. It’s obvious that the haters have time, energy and they are very creative, but they use these abilities the wrong way. I know life is difficult, but I also know that giving hate will get negativity in your life. The haters feel that they must go on until they break Masons’ Cavies. They might feel that they lose and Masons’ Cavies wins if they stop. Not realising that the haters are actually ruining their own lives.

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