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Click for Musicalcat @ DeviantART

Musicalcat @ DeviantART
– My DeviantART page.

Click for catasas @ Instagram
catasas @ Instagram
– My Instagram page.

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– Follow me on

Click for CatÅsa @ MostPhotos

CatÅsa @ MostPhotos
– Buy my photos at MostPhotos.

Click for Catasa @ Wikipedia

Catasa @ Wikipediaändare:Catasa
– My Swedish Wikipedia page.

Click for Catasa @ YouTube

Catasa @ YouTube
– My YouTube page.


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Friend’s Websites

Click for Sveriges Lilly

Sveriges Lilly
– Sveriges Lilly, the website of and about one of my Community Of Sweden friends.

Music Related Websites

Click for
– Amy Macdonald’s official website.

Click for
– Céline Dion’s official website.

Click for
– Depeche Mode’s official website.

Click for
– Erasure’s official website.

Click for Jon Henrik Fjällgren
– Jon Henrik Fjällgren’s official website.

Click for
– Kate Bush’s official website.

Click for
– KT Tunstall’s official website.

Click for
– Pet Shop Boys’ official website.

Click for
– Simple Minds’ official website.

Click for
– Texas’ official website.

Click for
– Tori Amos’ official website.

TV & Movie Related

Click for
– Professor Alice Roberts is an English anatomist, osteoarchaeologist, television presenter and author.

Click for
– British TV presenter Alistair Appleton.

Click for
– Architectural designer and broadcaster Charlie Luxton.

Click for
– English naturalist, television presenter and author Chris Packham.

Click for Daniel Craig Fan
– An unofficial, non-profit fan site dedicated to British actor Daniel Craig.

Click for
– Architect, writer, lecturer and TV presenter George Clarke.

Click for
– Officially unofficial website about actor Gerard Butler.

Click for
– Ethnobotanist, television presenter and garden designer James Wong.

Click for
– English television presenter Jules Hudson.

Click for
– Biochemist, wild animal biologist and television presenter Liz Bonnin.

Click for
– Award-winning veterinary surgeon, TV presenter and author Mark Evans.

Click for
– English television presenter Michaela Strachan.

Click for
– Official source of information on British actor Nathaniel Parker.

Click for Nick
– English naturalist and television presenter Nick Baker.

Click for Nicki
– English television presenter Nicki Chapman.

Click for
– British wildlife presenter, television producer, and author Nigel Marven.

Click for Professor Noel Fitzpatrick
– Supervet and author Noel Fitzpatrick.

Click for
– British actor and singer Robson Green.

Click for
– British freelance historian and television presenter Ruth Goodman.

Click for
– Property developer and TV host Sarah Beeny.

Click for The New Adventures of Stephen Fry
– The actor, writer, comedian, television presenter and film director Stephen Fry.

Click for
– British naturalist, writer and television presenter Steve Backshall.

Click for
– Stephen “Steve” Leonard, a British veterinarian and television personality.


Click for Richard
– British ethologist, evolutionary biologist and popular science writer Richard Dawkins.

Useful Websites

Click for Google
– Use Google to search for anything and everything.

Click for NatureGate
– Use NatureGate to identify Plants, Birds, Butterflies and Fishes.

Useful Swedish Websites

Click for Artportalen
– En webbplats för observationer av Sveriges växter, djur och svampar.

Click for Naturens Kalender
– Bli fenologiväktare, som jag, och rapportera skiftningarna i naturen.

Click for Riksantikvarieämbetet
– Riksantikvarieämbetets webbsida. Sök på “Fornsök” efter fornlämningar på land och i vatten, läs om runstenar i “Digitala Sveriges runinskrifter”, eller läs om det byggda kulturarvet i “Bebyggelseregistret”.

I Support

Click for Amnesty International
– Amnesty International – Working to Protect Human Rights.
– I’ve been a member of Amnesty International since June 1989.

Click for League Against Cruel Sports
– League Against Cruel Sports – campaigning against cruelty
to animals for sport.

Click for Masons' Cavies
– Sophie, and her husband Mark, look after and nurse guinea pigs.

Click for Miljöpartiet, de gröna
– Miljöpartiet, de gröna – Solidaritet med djur, kommande
generationer och med världens alla människor.

Click for Naturskyddsföreningen
– Naturskyddsföreningen – en förening som arbetar med
natur- och miljöfrågor.

Click for WWF
– WWF – an organisation working on issues regarding the
conservation, research and restoration of the environment.